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Support & Wellbeing

Looking after your wellbeing as a student

By AnnabelK 23 Aug 2021

The start of the academic year is an exciting time… but not always easy!

Going to University for the first time or continuing with postgraduate studies, moving to a new city and even a new country, living independently, and interacting with a diverse group of students from all over the world is a life changing experience. It's okay if you're excited, nervous, or a little bit of both!

The University of Sheffield is committed to helping you maintain positive mental health. Engaging in some of the opportunities now available to you might help you maintain your own wellbeing while having fun! You could try student societies ( or getting involved with sport and fitness ( If you want to try new things, or have not made your mind up yet, then you are in the right place! As a resident at The University of Sheffield accommodation you get access to all the Residence Life programme of events, you could try a new activity, visit a new town, try out a new skill, visit the free fitness suite, or relax with other students doing something you enjoy. All this will help promote positive mental wellbeing, but sometimes you may find you need support or advice in which case there are several services to available to help.

Through a triage appointment with SAMHS you can access a wide number of options that will be recommended individually to support mental wellbeing. This might include one-to-one counselling through the University Counselling Service, group workshops or a range of other services. Find out more here:

As a student at The University of Sheffield you can access Togetherall this is a source of 24/7 online support from trained counsellors. It is a safe space to explore feelings and learning techniques to help you manage your mental wellbeing.

Residence Life also train all staff in Mental Health First Aid. This course develops an individual’s skills in order to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis. Residence Life Mentors have training in Mental Health Awareness and have a vast knowledge of support services to signpost you to quickly and effectively. Want to find out more… just ask!

If you need to would like to discuss your mental health with a medical professional then you can access The University Health Service, try downloading the UHS app to make appointments and find information easily. You can also access the IAPT services in the local area ( If you or someone you know is ever in crisis however please follow the following advice (

If you think that you or a friend might be struggling with mental health difficulty, email for information and support or you can contact a member of the Residence Life Mentor team. 

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