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How to... Use the washing machines

By AccommodationTeam 01 Sep 2022

We know that washing isn’t the first thing on your mind but at some point you are going to run out of clean clothes!

Wash Point

We have Washpoint launderettes across Ranmoor/Endcliffe and in Broad Lane Court, St George's and Mappin Court in the city. 

All laundry machines are cashless, simply tap your phone or card to pay! 

To save money, and reduce single-use plastics, the machines include laundry detergent and fabric softeners. The new machines are also programmed to select the right combination of non-biological wash detergent and fabric softener for every cycle. 

You can check online which machines are available, and find out how long your wash has left through our dedicated webpage on the Washpoint website.

Washpoint laundry information

Circuit Laundry

Circuit launderettes are in Allen Court and St Vincent's Place. 

They are cashless, with payment made via the Circuit Laundry app or top-up card. 

Search ‘Circuit Laundry app’ in the App Store and Play Store to download.

There are lots of helpful guides on the Circuit website and how-to-use videos for both the app and card.

Room View is available to check which machines are free, visit the Circuit webpage or download the app to check it out.

Circuit Room View

Allen Court accommodation can be found under 'IQ Student Accommodation', St Vincent's Place is under 'Unite Students'.

Launderette locations


The Ridge - Washpoint


  • Crewe - Washpoint
  • Crescent Flats - Washpoint
  • Endcliffe Vale Flats - Washpoint
  • Stephenson - Washpoint
  • Stephenson South Wing  - Washpoint
  • The Edge - Washpoint


  • Allen Court - Circuit Laundry
  • Broad Lane Court - Washpoint
  • Mappin Court - Washpoint
  • St George's Flats - Washpoint
  • St Vincent's Place - Circuit Laundry