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Things to do in Sheffield

Exploring Sheffield

By epickersgill 01 Sep 2022

Welcome to your new city! Sheffield is a really exciting place to live with loads to do - we’ve chosen some of our favourite areas we recommend you check out!


Living in Ranmoor/Endcliffe means your local area is Broomhill, there’s loads of amenities including a post office, small supermarkets, takeaways and pubs. 

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City Centre 

Living in City Accommodation means that you're incredibly close to the centre of Sheffield with its hundreds of shops, bars, restaurants and much more. 

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Of course you’ll want to explore some other areas in our fantastic City; 

Crookes and Crookesmoor 

Located just a short distance away from Broomhill, Crookes and Crookesmoor are where many students live post first year. Here you’ll find a Zero waste shop, many pubs and takeaways and some great charity shops. One of the biggest draws of Crookes is Bole Hill with its expansive view over the Steel City - a must for Bonfire Night! This area is well worth a look around if you’re thinking of moving away from the Residences next year!

Kelham Island 

The Industrial Heart of Sheffield, Kelham Island houses the remains of the numerous cutlery and steel works which gives the area its distinct charm. These buildings house everything from indie shopping arcades to microbreweries and galleries.Our top picks include Kelham Island Museum,  You can have an amazing pub crawl including The Gardeners Rest, The Fat Cat and The Riverside. There are so many food options like Domo, Cutlery Works and V or V. The whole area has a relaxed vibe and it’s an amazing place to explore for the day. Spend your time at Kelham Flea or The Indie Arcade. It is worth mentioning that Peddler Market takes place here once a month and is the go to Street Food festival.  

Ecclesall Road/Sharrow Vale Road

Just a stone’s throw away from Ranmoor/Endcliffe you’ll find Sharrow Vale Road and Ecclesall Road. These two pack a punch!  Ecclesall Road has plenty of fantastic bars and restaurants both independent and chain. It’s well worth checking them out. If you want some Sheffield art for your bedroom or gifts for family and friends then absolutely head to Sheffield Makers Shop. On this road there is also a Sainsburys, Tesco Metro, Co-Op and M&S Food. 

Sharrow Vale Road boasts a great selection of small independent shops and businesses. It is rapidly developing a reputation as a foodie destination. Recently Dyson Place has opened just off the road - a courtyard perfect for shopping or food and drink. Sharrow Vale market is held three times a year on Sharrow Vale Road. They have around 100 stalls selling a wide variety of locally reared and home made produce, hot food from all corners of the globe, crafts, clothing and plants.

If you want a break from retail therapy then just hop across the road to Endcliffe Park. Opened in 1887 and Filled with duck ponds, riverside walks, woodland space and a lot of greenery - it’s the perfect place for chilling, ball games, walking, picnics. Just up the road from Endcliffe Park, is the Botanical Gardens. Originally created in 1836, this park is an integral part of Sheffield’s cultural and social identity - renowned for its charm, listed monuments and having over 5,000 species of plants.

Don’t forget the Peak District!

Sheffield’s big green back garden is perfect for you to explore! It is easily accessible by bus and train and there are miles of stunning green landscape for you to explore. 

Whether you want to go shopping in picturesque Bakewell or hike around Castleton there’s something for everyone. 

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