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a person walking down a dirt road

Things to do in Sheffield

Explore Forge Dam (Self-guided walk)

By epickersgill 05 Jul 2022

Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in the UK, boasting over 50 parks and green spaces!

Walking regularly is a great form of exercise, and isn't just good for your body - it's great for your mind, too!

Regular exercise will improve your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing - and it can even help relieve feelings of depression. Being outside in the fresh air has been linked to better mental wellbeing and reduced stress.

With this in mind, why not motivate the members of your household, put on a comfy pair of shoes, grab your coat, hat and gloves and get outside!

Residence Life has planned some amazing urban walks for you to try.

See the route map and written directions below for the walk to Forge Dam.  Plus there's lovely café there for you to stop and have a drink or a bite to eat.

Other self- guided walks to try are Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe ParkCrookes Valley and Weston Park and Bole Hill.

Urban_Walk_-_Walks_from_Home_-_Forge_Dam.pdf (227KB)