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Brand new Fitness Class Programme

By SportSheffield 08 Apr 2021

Our Fitness class timetable is changing! 

We have made some changes to our timetable to make it more fun and effective towards your fitness goals. 

What are the main changes? We will now have some sessions in the morning so that you can kick start your day on a positive note! Most of our classes will be 30 minutes long with back to back sessions so you can mix and match depending on your goals. 

This timetable will be valid until the 17th May.  All of the sessions will be delivered by your favourite instructors online via our Facebook Group or Zoom. You need to join the group in order to take part. 


  • 7:45 am Express Cardio - Kick start your week with Emma (30 min) 

  • Monday 6pm - 30 Min Ease into Fitness Class with Peggy - This class is great if you want to ease into fitness

  • Monday 6:45 pm - 30 Min Yoga and Mindfulness with focus on breathing and mind 



  • 6 pm - Cardio Conditioning with Jenn (30 min) - High Intensity session designed to get your heart rate and fitness up! 

  • 6:45 pm - Yoga flow with Jenn (30 min) 



  • 7:45 am Yoga - Morning Hatha Yoga with Emily - 5 week course with focus on Hatha Yoga - 30 min 

  • 6 pm Zumba/Dance Fitness with Emma- 45 min 




  • Express LBT - 7:45 am 30 Min 


  • 9 am - 30 min HIIT workout with Peggy (High Intensity Interval Training).  This is guaranteed to get your fitness level up! 

  • Saturday 9 :45 am - 30 Min Pilates

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