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10 000 Steps Challenge

By SportSheffield 22 Sep 2021

Walk yourself to fitness with our October challenge!  

Not only is walking good for your physical health, but it can also do wonders for your mental health. Have you ever gone for a walk only to discover that you have a fresh perspective? Walking doesn’t require any equipment (just a comfortable pair of shoes) and it is free!  Whether you want to get more active, up your existing fitness game or make sure that you get fresh air each day, this challenge will keep you motivated and on track with your goals. 

And to reward you each day for hitting your targets, you will have a chance to win a daily prize - voucher for Not on a High Street online shop.  We also have a grand prize for one lucky winner- a £75 voucher for Sports Direct shop to go towards a pair of walking boots of your choice!  

The challenge 

We have two different versions of the challenge depending on where you are on your fitness journey. You can select either one of these options. 

1. Ease into it - Start with 6000 steps and build up to 10 000 steps gradually during October. Each week you get a rest day (Sunday). This option is great if you haven’t been that active over the last few months and would like to ease into it. 

2. Challenge yourself- the goal here is to complete 10 000 steps each day! You get one rest day on Sunday to recover. This is perfect if you already track your steps or are generally active and you would like to up your game. 

How to track your steps 

You can use an app on your phone (we like the Pacer or Stepz app). Some smartphones have a built-in step count. You can also use a watch or a good old-fashioned pedometer!  

How far do I need to walk each day? 

We recommend a daily walk which will give you most of your steps. And the rest? Keep moving during the day. Get up from your desk a few times every hour and have a short break. You will be surprised to see just how those steps add up! We will share with you a personal habit tracker that will make it easy to see your daily goals and progress. As a rough guide, 5000 steps amounts to about 50 minutes of activity in total. 

How does the giveaway work? 

Choose one of the challenge options.  Track your steps and once you reach your goal for the day, just fill in your step count in the google form that will be shared with you each day via email. 

The challenge runs between 1-31st October. 

                                                 Sign up for the 10 000 steps challenge here

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