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You won’t believe it! The secret to passionate, classy nights in Sheffield…

How many times did you end up back home, after a Friday night out, feeling empty on the inside? How many times did you ask yourself: “Don’t I deserve more than this?” How many times did you feel like there was so much more for you out there, and that you shouldn’t settle for whatever the vindictive vicissitudes of fate throws at you? How many times? Come on! Tell me! *pause for effect…*

Alright. Before going any further with this, I’m gonna come out and say it plain and simple; I don’t really like going out to clubs. There’s nothing wrong with going out partying, and if you like it, cool. However (sigh!), I personally don’t really like loud music, the toxic fumes of alcohol (and other stuff), the floors which are so sticky that  you can end up losing both your shoes and socks! I tried it in my first and second years, but it didn’t really stick.

If you’ve ever felt the same, or are just curious to try something else in your free time, hear me out. I decided to start writing a series of blogs about cultural events happening in Sheffield, and this week I’m going to start with the Sheffield International Concert Season (SICS). This Friday, I took part in the opening concert of the 2018-19 edition of SICS. This is a series of classical music concerts happening in Sheffield every year ever since 1932. As students, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to get to enjoy world renowned classical music ensembles and orchestras right in our city. Some of the highlights this year include The Russian and The Czech National Symphony Orchestras (18th of October and 30th of November), The Royal Northern Symphony Orchestra (1st of February) and the Russian Philharmonic of Novosibirsk (10t of June).

These concerts are happening every month, from October until June and, as a student, we can get tickets for just £5.60 (+booking fees). So, if you buy a bulk of tickets, you can go and see world famous orchestras for approximately £6! And the best thing is that you get to pick your seats wherever you want in the Sheffield City Hall! This means that you can stay right by the Lord Mayor and other famous local people, who have paid 5-10 times more!


As I previously said, this year’s concert season was opened this Friday by The Hallé. This is one of the best symphonic ensembles in the world, founded in 1868 in Manchester. The concert opened with the Cello Concert by Dvorák, performed by Laura van der Heijden and Karl-Heinz Steffens. Virtuous and romantic, but also stormy and tumultuous, this represents one of his best pieces. After the interval, we got to listen to Brahms’ Fourth Symphony, the last and probably one of his best pieces. .

Now, if you feel like ever giving it a go, check out the Classical Sheffield page on the SICS. Classical Sheffield is also a good place to find out other classical musical events around the city, including free to attend ones or events put on by our fellow students at UoS.

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