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Wondering what the benefits are staying with us next year?

Here are a few questions and answers you might want to consider when choosing your accommodation for 2020/21.

How much is my deposit?

Only £150 compared to most private landlords that charge £250-£300.

How many people typically share a property? 

We have a massive range of property sizes from 2 people sharing to 18.

Will I be living with a range of age groups?

We tend to house age and year of study groups together. However, you will be in a community with all age groups and study levels. You’ll be able to socialise with a range of people from all different backgrounds. 

I am worried about having no one to turn to as the years progress through university? 

If you stay in university accommodation you will always be supported by the accommodation and customer services team. Residence life will also be there to listen to any concerns or solve any problems.

What amenities do I get living in university-owned accommodation that I wouldn’t get in private?

We have a free fitness suite up at The Ridge for all residents. We have an on-site village store, cafe and bar at Endcliffe too. We also have 24/7 customer services so there will always be staff around the site if you need them. There’s free Wi-fi around the whole of the accommodation site too. 

Are there common rooms and social spaces available for students to use?

We have common rooms and social spaces around the city at a variety of our accommodation sites: The Ridge, The Edge, Allen Court and St. Vincent’s. 

If I decide to move into private accommodation, are all my bills included?

Not usually no, obviously this depends on the landlord and the property. At university-owned accommodation, all of your bills are included in your rent price. This included Wi-Fi and contents insurance. 

What benefits do returners get to come back to university accommodation? 

Students can save 50% off of their rent in selected Ranmoor properties, which makes their weekly rent only £70.77. You can also save £1000 off of selected properties in Endcliffe if you are wanting to stay in that area. Furthermore, we have a select amount of properties on rent freeze for 2020/21, which means they won’t go up in price in the next academic year. 

We hope this helps answer some of your questions! 

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