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Win Ben & Jerry’s with the Student Switch Off Quiz!

Have a go at the second round of the Climate Change Quiz to be in with a chance of winning some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

Student Switch Off are running another round of their national competition - the four top residences from across the UK completing a quick climate change quiz will win 50 big tubs of Ben & Jerry’s!

The quiz is all about climate change and saving energy - hopefully you’ll learn something new about the environment as well as some facts about reducing your energy use.

We are also giving away 1 litre’s worth of Ben & Jerry’s (any flavour including the vegan flavours) to a lucky winner who takes part at Sheffield. Every person doing the quiz from your residence also gives you bonus points in the overall Student Switch Off leaderboard so there’s even more reason to enter!

So - take 3 mins to have a go at the quiz now – it’s not open for long!

Remind me – what is Student Switch Off?  

Student Switch Off is the energy-saving campaign to reduce the carbon footprint of the university. We want you to help us fight climate change, one small energy-saving action at a time! All the residences are competing against one another to save energy, and the best residence at the end of the year will win a big party with free food & drink (and don’t forget that taking the quiz gets your residence bonus points!).

If you have any questions about the quiz or the campaign in general you can email 

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