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Where can you find the key fob and what is it for?

When you collect your keys, you'll be given a blue drawstring bag with all sorts of goodies in. Find your yellow Residence Life key fob glued onto the first page of the Intro Special booklet. Keep this safe as you'll need it access all the fun stuff we have on offer for you throughout the year!

The key fob represents your membership to Residence Life. When you move into University accommodation, it can be a daunting experience and, for many students, it is the first time they are moving away from home. Don’t worry though, this is why the Residence Life team are here, to support the students living in University accommodation!

There are two main ways in which Residence Life supports students…

Support & Conduct

We have Residence Life Mentors, who are experienced students living in the residences. They are on hand to provide support through regular flat visits and daily drop-ins. They are here to help with any problem big or small, whether it is relating to welfare support or misconduct. They report everything back to us so there will always be a staff member on hand to deal with serious incidents.

Engagement & Development

We believe that University accommodation is not just a place to live but it is an experience, a community to feel part of and an opportunity for personal development. With this in mind, we have an exciting programme full of things you can get involved in throughout the year. Not only do we offer activities in the residences exclusive to you but we also work in partnership with Sport Sheffield and the Students’ Union to broaden our offerings and provide you with free or discounted sports sessions, day trips and more!

When you move in to your University accommodation, you’ll make a one-off community contribution, which is included in your rent. This is your investment into the programme and you receive your key fob in return, which will provide you with access to all of the following…

  • FREE Living & Learning activities - developmental opportunities which include life skill sessions, information and awareness campaigns and guest lectures.
  • FREE Events & Activities - a programme of fun social events that encourage students to make friends and really feel part of the community.
  • FREE Residence Sport - most of the 40+ weekly sports sessions and fitness classes on the Social Sport programme are absolutely free with your Residence Life key fob.
  • Discounted Give it a Go sessions - a programme of activities run by the Students’ Union, which you will receive discount on if you show your Residence Life key fob when purchasing tickets. The programme includes day trips, language courses, society-led beginner classes and more!
  • FREE activities run by your Residence Life Mentors and Activity Reps. Residence Life Mentors run smaller-scale activities to facilitate community-building within blocks or small areas. Activity Reps are students living in the residences, who volunteer to put on their own smaller-scale activities. Any student living in University accommodation can become an Activity Rep. We are currently recruiting so click here to find out more about how to become one.

If you're having trouble locating your key fob or you think you may have misplaced it, speak to your Residence Life Mentor or email

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