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What would you do with £1000?

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Have you sorted your accommodation for 2018-19 yet? No? Then this might be the one for you...

We're offering a £1000 rent reduction on 5 popular residences in Ranmoor/Endcliffe.

En-suite & shared bathroom options are included, as are the Laddow studio apartments, so there's something for everyone. 


The £1000 is split across the 3 rent payments due in October, January and April, giving you a bit of extra cash throughout the year. How would you spend yours?

We've been thinking of all the things you can do with £1000 - you could take a trip of a lifetime, buy yourself a brand new smart phone, you could learn to drive or buy a car...


Our Early Bird residences are:

  • Birchen - £109.40 per week all inclusive (en-suite)
  • Millstone - £109.40 per week all inclusive (en-suite)
  • Ravenstone - £109.40 per week all inclusive (en-suite)
  • Endcliffe Vale Flats - £78.39 per week all inclusive (shared bathroom)
  • Laddow - £144.96 per week all inclusive (studio)

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