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What worse could happen?

Moving to uni can be a very stressful experience for a fresher. Especially if they have never been away from home for long before. 


You probably started your university life thinking how nice it will be when mum and dad are no longer around to keep repeating ‘Do your homework!’ or ‘No, you can’t go out on a Wednesday evening. You need to get up early tomorrow.’ Well, congratulations! This all came true!

However, after six weeks in uni now, you have probably already found out it is actually not so simple. Maybe you no longer have to argue about curfew every weekend or about homework before every appointment with a friend on a weekday evening but, be honest, you have already started feeling homesick.


Before moving to university, most people are too excited about all the changes that are to happen in their lives, the numerous opportunities before them and the amazing variety of people they are soon to meet. Nothing is better than this positive attitude towards such an important step in everyone’s lives. But, sometimes, because of this excitement, freshers tend to forget that, hand in hand with the positive experience, hardships are also to take place during the next three, four, five or however many years you are about to spend in uni. And the first semester usually turns out to be the hardest time to go through.

Now, as a grown-up, you ought to take responsibility for your actions and learn how to cope with everyday issues by yourself.

We are talking about time management now. You probably wondered why all lecturers and tutors mentioned it so often during the first weeks. Just like mum and dad kept talking about homework, no? But now, when the deadline for three of your five assessments is approaching with the speed of light, you are starting to get worried.

But that is not all! This weekend, you also need to do the laundry and change your sheets, remember? I suppose you would also like to eat something tasty for dinner when you come back from lectures in the late afternoon on Monday, so exhausted that you wouldn’t even want to stand on your feet. Sadly, mum is not here to prepare a meal and set the table for you. You will have to do it on your own.

You also need to prepare for the next day classes too. That long reading list on MOLE is still waiting for you to find time to check it. You better hurry! The books might be patient but not all tutors are! And what about the part-time job you said you wanted to start? In September, you thought it would be great to work for a few hours a week and earn some extra money. However, now, when you know that the one hour lecture comes with a seminar/workshop/tutorial, self-study and coursework and/or exam, you probably doubt you will be able to find time for a job.


After all this, you might feel too tired to think about partying. But when your flatmates or friends invite you out, you just can’t say no.

Every week might seem the same - having so much to do in so little time. But do not get discouraged! An important part of uni life is understanding how pleasant were the days when your parents would keep annoying you, talking about nothing but homework and chores, but when you got home, you would find the fridge full of delicious food and your clothes would be tidily placed on your bed.

There is no need to worry even if you face hardships in the beginning. It is okay to sometimes feel you are not capable enough - most people do. But, as time goes on, things only get easier.

You have already survived the first six weeks. What worse could happen?


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