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What I have learnt from being on a committee

Since November, I’ve officially been on Bake Soc’s committee. When I came to uni, I had no idea how societies were really run, let alone thought that I as a fresher would be able to be on a committee! At Bake Soc’s first social of the year in September, the President (the lovely Charlotte) mentioned that they were looking for two first years to take on the role of First Year Rep. I was interested, but unsure at first whether I should apply. Luckily I did and now I am loving my time being on the committee. So here are a few things which I have learnt from being a part of a committee:

  1. You’ve got to be confident! I am definitely not a confident person by nature and the idea of speaking out about my ideas and thoughts to a group of unknown people who are older than me generally makes me feel a bit sick. BUT being on committee requires you to get over that and just speak up! Luckily, the other committee members in Bake Soc are lovely and made me feel really welcome and, in no time at all, I didn’t feel awkward or shy around them. Being on the Bake Soc committee also means you need to help run baking events as well as chat to other students and advertise the society at fairs, meaning I had no choice but to take a bit of leadership and be confident, which I actually really enjoyed.
  2. Be organised! While my role as First Year Rep definitely isn’t as demanding as the other committee positions (basically being First Year Rep is like being an Intern in a committee, helping others with their roles and learning what being on a committee is like), being organised has still been very important. Some weeks I did not have that much to do for Bake Soc, while other weeks I would be baking for socials, helping run a baking event, helping out on a stall, attending a committee meeting and answering a load of Facebook messages from members. I have definitely been making good use of my planner :)
  3. It’s really fun! Being on a committee isn’t just good for your confidence, organisation skills or your CV - it is also a lot of fun. From committee socials (who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon at a trampoline park?!) and meeting new people to making a mess of baking profiteroles, I really have had a great time being on a committee and would definitely encourage anyone who is vaguely interested to apply for a committee position in a society for next year.


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