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What are Activity Reps?

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Activity Reps partner with Residence Life to enhance their fellow residents’ experience by organizing and putting on activities for their community. Residence Life understands that community building has to involve the students and Activity Reps play a major role in making the community feel like a home away from home. Not only do Activity Reps make an impact on their residence community, but also directly impact Residence Life and its partners as well.

Being an Activity Rep involves a level of involvement suited to first years, and the role takes place right where they are living! Through the support of Residence Life, Activity Reps are able to take ownership of their leadership style, reflect on their values, and feel confident about their ability to lead.

Activity Reps also contribute a sense of community and belonging within their specific block, through conversations with residents about what events they wish to see and organising those events with the assistance of Residence Life staff.

Interested in becoming a Residence Mentor?  Being an Activity Rep is an ideal stepping stone to applying to be one.  With our support, Activity Reps take ownership of their leadership style and discover how to approach leadership in the future. In addition, Activity Reps will be provided with additional CV support, as Residence Life is all about student development.


Interested in learning more? Come to our Activity Rep Workshops to learn some activity and event planning skills. Free pizza will be provided! 

Activity Rep Workshops

Thursday 28 September; 6-8pm                                                                  High Tor 5 @ The Edge, Endcliffe

Tuesday 3 October; 6-8pm                                                                             High Tor 5 @ The Edge, Endcliffe

For more detailed information or any further questions you may have about the programme, please email

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