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Welcome to our LGBT+ students!

LGBT+ and new to Sheffield?

This article was written by Marlowe MacDonald, Chair of the LGBT+ Committee.

For incoming LGBT+ students it’s easy to feel a little unsure of the reception you’ll receive but here’s to say welcome to the University of Sheffield and the uni’s thriving LGBT+ community!

I can imagine you’re pretty nervous: being LGBT+, either closeted or out, and meeting new people can be pretty nerve wracking, especially on top of the general anxiety of moving to a new place and meeting lots of new people! Sheffield may not have the glowing reputation for gay nightlife that cities such as Manchester have, but it has a great LGBT+ community where many of us have found a home.

Personally, I had a lovely experience both with finding a new great new group of LGBT+ friends as well as being lucky enough to be comfortable being out and trans in my UoS accommodation. 

I cannot pretend that I can guarantee smooth sailing the entire time. Unfortunately, there are always people who may not accept you, and if you have the misfortune to encounter ignorance or maliciousness, you have my deepest sympathy. However, I assure you that your fellow LGBT+ people and allies are putting in as much effort as they can, to provide places for you to be safe and procedures to protect you. Residence Life Mentors are trained on LGBT+ issues and are open to feedback on how they can better support you. There are a number of resources available, listed below, that cover all manner of issues and the LGBT+ committee is always here to support you with any problems you have. There are always places you can go and there will always be people who will support you being 100% your authentic self.

For those in LGBT+ specific accommodation -

Welcome to some of the country’s first LGBT+ specific accommodation! This accommodation was borne out of a need for community and solidarity with other LGBT+ people particularly when living together. It has been a bit of a battle at times but I hope that you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. The dedication many people have shown to making this happen will hopefully show that there are people at the University of Sheffield and involved in the accommodation who are committed to making your experiences as good as they can be.

The LGBT+ committee, Students Union, and University have a range of different LGBT+ events and spaces, from the LGBT+ lounge in the SU, to the campaigns that the LGBT+ Staff Network run, to Grapefruit, the SU’s LGBT+ club night! From freshers week to graduation, there are plenty of things to get involved with, whether you like to party or fancy doing some activism! 

However you find your year, there is a vibrant community here for you, and we are all wishing you a fantastic first year at the University of Sheffield!

Hopefully we’ll see you at some of the LGBT+ committee’s events or in the LGBT+ lounge

You can read more on our LGBT+ accommodation here:

Useful Links:

Support services for LGBT+ students:

Social media:

These pages are updated more regularly than the website. Both pages have the same information but the closed group is completely private so nobody else on your Facebook can see that you interact with it.

Facebook page:
Facebook closed group: (If the link doesn't work search 'LGBT+ at Uni of Sheff' where you can request to join)

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