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Volunteering in Sheffield

I firmly believe that volunteering is an excellent thing to get involved with at university as there are so many opportunities for us to help the community that we are living and studying in. Volunteering allows you to help and care for those in needs, which in turn can help you develop all those ‘buzzword’ skills like communication, teamwork and time management which look fab on CVs.

During the first few weeks of Semester 1, I took part in a Give it a Go session at the Sunday Centre, where hot food and drinks are provided to people in Sheffield who may be homeless, in poverty or vulnerable. I really enjoyed the afternoon and learnt a lot from that Give it a Go session. Although I was put out of my comfort zone, I found that chatting to people in very different situations to my own and learning about their lives while serving a lovingly cooked hot meal was an all-round great experience.

Since that first Give it a Go session, I head down to the Sunday Centre every other weekend to volunteer. The other volunteers are wonderful and range from fellow students to locals in Sheffield who have been supporting the Sunday Centre for 10 years or more! We start the session by packing up donated food to create a ‘goody bag’ for the guests of the Sunday Centre to take away when they leave. Then, as the guests arrive, some volunteers are on the tea and coffee bar while others chat and socialise with the guests before the hot meal and dessert are served. It is such a lovely environment and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you are interested in getting involved with volunteering in Sheffield, whether at the Sunday Centre or at another wonderful organisation, either pop into the volunteering office in the SU or have a browse of their website:

The volunteering opportunities range from weekly commitments to flexible activities and one-off opportunities so there really is something to suit everybody!

Sophie 😊


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