Using your food caddy's

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Your compost caddy in your kitchen can be used for any leftover food. This could be anything such as tea bags, any food left on your plate, leftover takeaways and out of date food from your fridge etc. Just remove the packaging before chucking it in the food caddy.

You can line the food caddys with supermarket bags, once it's full, lift it out and tie it off and these can be disposed of in the ReFood bins outside the residences. 

Compost caddy
compost caddy

See the maps below to find out where the nearest bin storage is to your flat.

Ranmoor/Endcliffe Locations

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City locations

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Please contact Andy at if you don't have a food caddy bin in your flat.

To find out more about what happens to your composted food, please head to the ReFood website -

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