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Try the Endcliffe Village Fitness Trail

Walking around Endcliffe, you might have noticed wooden beams, metal bars and groups of students running around in laps. If this ever puzzled you, you might have been watching people follow the Endcliffe Village Fitness Trail.
The trail is suitable for people of all fitness levels and it’s a great way to get some exercise done without having to travel to far from your flat. You could even use it as a good way to break up a busy day of revision or if you don’t fancy working out indoors at the gym.

There are seven main exercises on the trail for you to try out. You may not want to try them all straight away if you’re new to active exercise, but try slowly building up as your ability and confidence improve.

Head up to the top of The Paddock to find the start of the trail. It goes without saying, before you begin, make sure you warm up and do some stretches!

So, what are the exercises?

Inclined Bench
This is a great way to start, do step-ups, press-ups, or dips. You can make it harder by moving along the inclined bench.

Arm Stretch
How high can you jump? Test it out along this exercise, aim to keep your back straight and increase your reach as you progress.

Bench Sit-Ups
As simple as it sounds, this is bench is designed for sit-ups. Lean further back, while ensuring your back is supported, to add in crunches here too.

Parallel Bars
Test out your gymnastics here. Begin by aiming to hold your bodyweight, then you could try knee raises or dips to build core strength. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try moving up and down the bars using your hands.

Platform Sit-Ups
This is a great exercise not only for sit-ups but also press-ups. You can do press-ups using the raised wooden beam which runs along the edge of the platform.

This exercise is a great chance to compete with friends. With two bars at different heights, see who can do the most chin-ups. If you’re starting out, hanging from the bars is a great way to build upper-body strength.

Bunny Hops
Despite such a deceptively simple name, this can be a real cardio-challenge. Jump between (or, if the bars are dry, on top of) the hurdles. Try one-footed or two-footed, this is a great exercise for all.


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