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Trip to York

Today I headed off to York with two of my flatmates since it’s the weekend after exams and we wanted to do something fun before uni life stress sets in again! I’ve been wanting to visit York for a while now and, being from London, York wasn’t previously a feasible day trip. Being in Sheffield, however, we are in a perfect location to visit a load of lovely northern cities without having to travel particularly far.

We bought our train tickets the night before and headed to the station this morning (3 February). We had a lovely day wandering around the stunning streets, gaping at the size and beauty of the York Minster and trying not to slip on the city walls. 


The streets and shops are so cute- we found plenty of affordable art shops, a teddy bear shop and even a store dedicated to all things to do with cats (aka my dream). We had lunch at an independent Italian restaurant called Bari Ristorante (£7 pizzas anyone?!?) and then tea and cake at little café called Partisan in Micklegate before heading back to the station to come home to Sheffield.


All in all it was a lovely trip and I would highly recommend for anyone to go and visit too. You can get a decently priced return train ticket or, in late March, there is an organised Give it a Go trip that is heading to York city centre as well as Castle Howard, which is a beautiful stately home. Tickets can be booked here 

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