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Trick or Treat yo' self: Halloween in Allen Court!

Did you know that dividing a pumpkin’s circumference by the diameter on Halloween will give you pumpkin pi? HA I’m sorry puns aren’t funny …they’re FANGtastic!
As you may have guessed, I get very excited about Halloween! I love any good reason to dress up and eat chocolate! In Canada, Halloween is quite the event. With shops selling over 100 different kinds of miniature candy bags, crisps and chocolate bars and houses all decorated in scary skeletons, tombstones and carved pumpkins, the evening is taken very seriously!
In England however, it’s a little different. Your candy selection is limited to foiled chocolate balls, Cadbury fun size chocolate bars, the Celebrations carton, Haribo candy bags and on the rare occasion, some mini smarties boxes! Where are the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? The Skittles? The KitKats? And my personal favorite, the York Peppermint Patties?
Oh well! Thankfully there was no lack of Halloween spirt in Allen Court. The reception area was ghoulishly decorated with spooky cobwebs, ghosts hanging from the ceiling and a life size Grim Reaper that scared me all throughout October every time I entered through the side door!
In addition to festive decorations, Residence Life hosted a pumpkin carving session in the Allen Court Common Room. I attended the event the Sunday before Halloween with two of my flatmates. It was free and I was given a pumpkin, some stencil designs and pumpkin carving tools as well as some delicious pumpkin recipes! The event was a great way to get a break from my studies and make some free Halloween decorations for my flat!      


Allen Court also hosted a Halloween flat decoration contest for which my flat enthusiastically participated! We painted our flatmate’s giant cardboard box to look like a coffin and collected all of our creepiest looking lights and decorations. It might not have been up to par with a real haunted house but we had lots of fun decorating our flat and dressing up on Halloween night! 


To finish, I hope that all students find time to celebrate something once in a while! Whether it be a celebration from their own culture or participating in a new one, I believe it helps with making those long weeks of study a little more exciting and bearable and truly contributes to the university experience!
À plus tard,


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