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Tree Walk - discover some of the 10,400 trees on campus

By BettyA 26 Dec 2020

Yes, that's 10,400 mature trees across our City, Endcliffe and Ranmoor campuses.  The trees are managed by the University's Landscape Team.  

Why not go for a walk around campus.  Not only because walking is good for your health and wellbeing, but you can also reconnect with nature.  See if you can identify any of the following trees on campus.

If you can identify one or two, you're doing well.  You might find this guide on how to Identify trees in winter useful for the first 15 species below:

1.   Horse Chestnut

2.   Sycamore

3.   English Oak

4.   Rowan / Mountain Ash

5.   Ash

6.   Field Maple

7.   Lime

8.   Silver or Downy Birch

9.   Elder

10. Common Walnut

11. Sweet Chestnut

12. Plane

13. Norway Maple

14. Beech

15. Hornbeam

16. Cedar

A video - Trees and landscapes at The University of Sheffield

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