Top Tips on living on a budget

Learning to live on a budget is a great life skill and one that is not the easiest to learn.

Following a budget or spending plan can keep you out of debt or make your money last longer.

Scan the QR codes below with your smartphone or click on the links to be taken to some great websites that will give you some online tools to help you plan your finances, great students discounts, top tips for students living on a budget and where to get things cheaper or even for free!

University of Sheffield – Money Tools.  Budgeting tips and spreadsheets.  Or click here.

NUS Card – TOTEM - the UK's #1 student discount card and app!  Cost £14.99 per year. Or click here.

The student money website for everything student finance. Get the latest student discounts, student jobs, money ideas and more. Or click here.

Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Students. Or click here.

The Common Thread – Sheffield’s largest Clothing Exchange Shop.  Or click here.

Repair Sheffield – Get your broken items repaired for free AND be shown HOW!!!  Or click here.

The Green Box Scheme – Stop food from being wasted AND get a cheap box of food.  Boxes start from £7.50. Or click here.

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