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Top 5 places in Sheffield to take your parents for dinner

It’s more than likely for many of you that, at some point over the coming months, your parents will come and visit their beloved child in Sheffield.  They will inevitably expect you to have expert-level knowledge of the city’s best eateries; little do they know that your scope of knowledge covers the Broomhill Friery, Flavours and not much else.  Never fear, these suggestions are sure to impress:

The Noodle Inn  (London Road)
Looking for the best sit-down Chinese in Sheffield? Look no further than the Noodle Inn on London Road.  The food is as great as the portions are enormous, and what’s more, they give you a free sea bass when you spend over £30 (easily accomplished when dining in a group).  Oh, and you get free ice cream at the end of the meal. Need I say more?

Efes  (West Street)
West Street is undoubtedly full of places offering Mediterranean cuisine, but Efes tops them all.  Everything from the kebabs to the moussaka to the rice (!) is top quality, and the staff provide the best banter.

Kenwood Hall Hotel  (Kenwood Road)
Dinner at Kenwood Hall Hotel is ideal if you really want to max out on swank.  The food and décor is equally charming, and you won’t have to sweat about the bill as along as your parents are there.  Added bonus: they’ll be convinced that university is turning you into a more refined and cultured individual.

The Great Gatsby  (Division Street)
The menu at this place is such a treasure trove; the burritos, tacos, and assortment of nibble-y things make up a great selection of Mexican-inspired delights.  Their cocktails are also a must-have; even the most sensible mum and dad can’t say no.

The 8oz Burger Company  (Leopold Street)
The concept for this place is simple – they take the humble 8oz beef burger, and offer 30 different variations of it.  You can be as classic or as zany as you like; the ‘Elvis’ burger (peanut butter and jam) definitely being one to challenge your parents to.

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