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Top 5 Houseplants to Jazz Up Your Bedroom

So you're moving into your new digs soon!  Why not take a dose of nature with you?  Read my recommendations as to the best plants for your new accommodation!!

Cacti / Succulents
The original and timeless student houseplant.  If you’re short on living space (which, let’s face it, we all are!) then these are the perfect little plants to add some character to your windowsill.

Pros: Very low maintenance and very cute.
Cons: Minor risk of injury – clear away during house parties.

Snake plant
This bad boy is an attention grabber with its tall, vertical leaves.  It’s sure to spice up even the dullest of student bedrooms and give off a strong ‘urban flat’ aesthetic.

Pros: Only needs watering every few weeks; very on-trend.
Cons: Easily rots if over-watered.

English Ivy
The days of this plant being considered a gardening nuisance are long gone.  Ivy is now embraced in living spaces as its long, weaving vines hang down ever so elegantly from raised platforms.

Pros: Doesn’t need direct sunlight; super chic.
Cons: Needs fertilizing about once a month.

ZZ plant
This plant is perfect for you if you have a long history of murdering innocent houseplants through neglect.  The ZZ is practically indestructible so you won’t have to fret about setting watering reminders on your phone.

Pros: Very hardy.
Cons: Needs some head room; they grow upwards of 20cm.

Swiss Cheese plant
Personally, this is the prettiest plant on the list.  Its big, holy leaves give off a real tropical vibe which is bound to brighten up your dank little corner of the earth.

Pros: A stylish, voluminous beauty queen.
Cons: A bit on the pricey side – look for a bargain.

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