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Things to do with ResLife : Ollie's Cooking Hacks

In May, ResLife hosted sessions of 'Cooking hacks with Ollie' for three consecutive weeks.  These fun, casual cooking sessions left me with loads of new ideas, little tips and tricks and moreover an appreciation for cooking and sharing meals with other people.

The sessions were held in The Ridge Common Room and usually consisted of 6 to 8 participants- a particularly cosy setting. The soft background music from custom playlists and occasional kitchen implements that Ollie brought from home added to the comfortable feel. Almost everybody was a familiar face by the last session (those of us that that tried a session before couldn't help but come back for more).

We'd start with a short introduction to what we were making that evening, and gather round the front to watch Ollie explain a step of the procedure, which we'd then try out ourselves once back at our tables.

With a few helpful suggestions from Ollie, who'd come around to each table every so often, we found ourselves cooking with ease. Cooking with a partner was an interesting experience as well. It helped to learn to adjust the seasoning according to each of our tastes.
The dishes we learnt to make were a chicken and vegetable rice preparation, pasta two ways (complete with homemade pesto and a tomato and basil sauce), and steamed aubergines.
The classes also taught me something perhaps more useful than recipes though; I also learnt three different knife techniques, how to approach different garnishes, which parts of a chilli are the hottest and several other tidbits.

Eating together after spending time cooking was another nice experience. By the second class, we learnt to bring tupperware for the extra food we couldn't quite finish in one meal (safe to say the next day's lunch was sorted and looked forward to).

Looking back now, I made some surprisingly fond memories of the warm tubs of soapy water and getting help putting on aprons (that were always a bit too big for tiny me 😅).

It's always nice seeing how the attendees try modifications of the dishes we learnt at home. I'd definitely be up to do something like this again, given the chance.

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