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Things to do with ResLife : Friday Night Dinners and Curry Club

Amongst other activities, ResLife hosts regular Curry Club and Friday Night Dinner sessions, where students get together to share a meal at a university establishment (usually the University Arms since I've been attending).

For Friday Night Dinner, the usual way we'd go about them was to book a ticket in advance, through either the weekly newsletter or the ResLife website. Top Tip: Keep an eye on your university email as I got to do so many cool things throughout the year by doing this.  In the context of the Friday Night Dinner, once you've booked also check your emails as you usually get an email asking for whether you'd like a vegetarian option or have special dietary requirements.

The dinners would usually start at around 7pm, and once we'd attended a few, it became an established routine for us to walk to the venue from our university accomodation along with the friends we made there.
We were usually seated around 2 or 3 joined tables, though the exact details would change each week.   I feel we achieved the best balance to the way we'd go about things by the end of the 2nd semester.

Upon arrival, we'd usually settle into comfortable conversation while everyone arrived. Shortly afterwards, each person would go order their choice of beverage.

While at Curry Club, there was a set menu based on your previously specified dietary requirements, during Friday Night Dinners you'd get to choose your meal from the restaurant menu on the day itself.  Pies and burgers were the most popular, but international students also had a huge fascination with the fish and chips. Personally, I enjoyed the braised beef stew the most).

It was always interesting to see a British take on curry for the international students and also wonderful to note that though it wasn't the same flavour we were used to, it was surprisingly pleasant.

What's more? The food would arrive and we'd have a hearty meal amongst good company. These dinners were particularly looked forward to by me, a university student that isn't too proficient at cooking, and honestly provided massive respite during my first year here.

I'm really glad to have met wonderful people here as well and let this be assurance that if it seems daunting to make your way there and back at night time, it's actually completely worth it, and walking back shouldn't be a problem since there'll probably be at least one person there who lives close to your halls of residence.

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