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Things to do with ResLife: Day-trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

One of the most memorable days of this year has been our trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

We made a comfortable start at around 10am in a cozy bus. The journey wasn't too long, and the sun was shining by the time we arrived.

Once there, we were left to explore by ourselves- with a few handy maps we got from the café and instructions to be back by 2:45pm.

We were met, towards the beginning of our trail, by an interesting bunny sculpture, that I don't think I'll ever forget. Another thing that became evident was the ample opportunity and urge to take pictures of all the beautiful sights surrounding us.  The greenhouse full of roses is fresh in my memory as well.  Overall a very impressive start.

Walking a bit further, we found a large patch of colourful flowers (bees included 😃) and a family of ducks near the lake.

A bit of puzzling while trying to reconcile the differences between the map on the signboard and the one we held in our hands, and we decided to make our way to the Upper Lake area, passing several interesting metal and stone sculptures on the way.

Upper Lake seemed to not be the most popular route, seeing as we were the only ones attempting to open the surprisingly puzzling gate leading to the lonely path. Nonetheless, the quietness felt wonderful.

We found an Obelisk, an old boathouse and a miniature rendition of a Greek temple looking out onto the valley (the temple was slightly underwhelming, but hey, it provided shade).  It was also our first sighting of any other people in the Upper Lake area.

After a quiet lunch, we made our way around Upper Lake. Though there weren't as many exhibits in this area, we enjoyed the miscellaneous informative signs on the trees and stumbled upon a photographer entranced by the Shell Grotto.

After struggling to open yet another gate (why do different gates have different confusing mechanisms???), we entered the Lower Lake area. One of my favourite places in the park would be the Stepping Stones through the marsh and the hidden sculptures in various parts of the lake.

Wilsis looms over the water's edge in these parts, and a further walk takes you to the aptly named Seventy-One Steps. With a brief look at Lady Eglinton's Well (and a scare after seeing some excited children slide down the side of the structure), you soon reach the Dam Head Bridge, and the sounds of running water lead you across to the front end of the park.

Being under a time limit, we couldn't stop at the Chapel, it was simply too popular. But we did get a chance to see the beautiful exhibits and artful landscaping at the Underground Gallery. The buildings in this part of the park were an architectural treat (make sure to have a look at the inscribed pathways).

Out of time at this point, we headed back to the buses, having just about circled the entire lake area (and a bit more 😊).  The bus ride back was the perfect opportunity to catch a few winks.

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