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Things to do with ResLife : A visit to the Treehouse Board Game Café


On 19 February 2019, ResLife hosted what was perhaps one of the most interesting activities I've taken part in this year, a visit to the Treehouse Board Game Café.

We met up with our ResLife mentor outside the Students' Union and made our way to the café on foot. Though the route is rather muddled in my head, I'm glad that we went there together as I might have had some trouble finding my way to this hidden away gem by myself 😅

The café itself is an interesting place, feeling to big and too small at the same time but also very comfortable!  We got a long table in the back room and fit comfortably along with all the pieces of our board games.

This was the first time I had ever come across a board-game menu and it was surprisingly well done, organised by number of players, with sub-categories for 'starters', 'mains' and 'to finish', along with indications as to the theme of the game. While there is a food and drink menu too, that is paid for separately and not compulsory.

Top Tip : there is a £5 charge to play for 4 hours but students get in free if we visit before 7pm, Tuesday to Friday

Our group got lucky with having a member that was familiar with this setup, and could pick out games they felt would suit us that day, but even if we didn't, a member of staff is always at hand to recommend the right game and teach you the rules.

We spent a good 2 hours at the café and got through 2 games- Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Lanterns: The Harvest Festival.  Personally I enjoyed Lanterns more as it was shorter, easier to understand, very visually appealing.

A peculiar thing that stayed in my mind were the toilets, they were underground and not all that fancy from what I recall, but they had a vibe about them that added a lot of character to the place.

Another fun memory was just staring at the shelves full of Board games, ready for you to pick any of your choosing.

The walk back to accomodation was perhaps a bit too long as I could feel it in my legs for days afterwards but it was bearable with the good company.

Overall, the café seems a bit out of the way to me- there's no direct public transport there either but the trade-off is that I got to partake in an experience I'd never tried before and visit a part of Sheffield I was previously unfamiliar- so worth the long walk for me 😀

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