The To-Go University Breakfast Menu

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I want to share my favorite (and easy!) to-go breakfast options with you!

Now why do I use the word ‘to-go’? Simple because with the pace of University Life and everything that comes with it, we simply don’t have the time to prepare a proper breakfast. Having said that, it is important to acknowledge how important breakfast is. Just as the word goes, you break your 7-8 hour long fast and if you skip it you don’t give your body the fuel to start the day. Bottom line, breakfast is (as the saying goes) one of the most important meals of the day!

So, what can you do so that you don’t miss this meal? Well-read on as I will share with you some of my favourite  breakfast options:

Cereal Bars and Milk

One of the easiest and time saving options especially as there is absolutely no cooking involved! All you have to do is get your favorite brand of cereal bars and have milk in your fridge. There are so many cereal bar options from  high or low protein, high or low fibre, sugar free, gluten free and so on.  Adding a glass of milk fills you up and gets you started for your day!

Overnight Oats with Berries and Fruits

This is another simple and healthy option but is does involve a bit of preparation. For making your overnight oats, all you have to do is soak some roasted oats  in milk and as the name goes, leave it in the fridge overnight! The next morning, cut some fresh berries, fruits or any garnishing of your choice and your breakfast is ready. You can also make this in bigger batches but make sure the container is airtight.  This meal is rich in proteins, fibre and minerals and vitamins, a perfect start to the day! 

Avocado Toast with Eggs (or Tofu)

Easily one of my favourite options! Avocado happens to be my favourite fruit when sliced and put over crispy toast (or bagel)! It's high in protein and has healthy fats as well.  There is only a tiny bit of preparation involved. All you have to do is toast your bread, slice the avocado, boil an egg and slice it on top, add a bit of seasoning and it's done.  For you vegans you can slice some tofu pieces instead of an egg.  The best savoury option for a quick breakfast. 

d.)    Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

This final option is health in a glass!. To prepare this smoothie, just dice some bananas, chuck in some blueberries, add any other fruit and give it a blend. I don’t recommend adding any sugar, as the banana  is enough! And that’s it! Your breakfast is ready 😊

Well, that’s the end of the menu, for now. I hope you guys try out some or all of these options and don't miss the most important meal of the day!

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