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The Story of my Residence Life

Moving to a new place is always a challenging task. Especially when you're moving from one country to another. In my case, my husband and I decided to travel from Mexico to Sheffield with two little boys, which make this adventure even more exciting….and challenging!

For me, and for many other people, the process of searching for the right house is stressful. Each country has its own set of rules and procedures and despite trying hard for several weeks I was unable to find anywhere to live!  So our only option was to travel to Sheffield with a 3-day hotel reservation and a big ‘To Do’ list!

During this time, something unexpected happened!  My husband was feeling unwell so we decided to visit the doctor and he ended up spending three days in hospital!  More stress!!


Surprisingly, the NHS (National Health Service) was quite friendly, transparent, and free of charge.

Fortunately, before leaving Mexico, my husband had contacted the Accommodation Office and we got a heart-warming response from the staff during those hard three days. There was a solution, and that day I went to visit an apartment that they offered us and to my surprise, I found not only what we were looking for, but also a marvellous place full of families with children everywhere.

One of the things that you find living in student residences is the diversity of cultures, it’s a great opportunity to meet other people and have a culture interchange. One of the things I have particularly enjoyed, is seeing children playing and having fun together, even if they are not speaking the same language.

It is important to mention, that I am not a student but my husband is studying for a master’s degree here. Being a partner of a student has given me access to some events and societies. One of them is the International Women’s club; it’s a great chance to meet some wonderful women from around the work and enjoy some delicious desserts and coffee at the same time!

Another advantage of living in University-owned accommodation is that I get to take part in the Residence Life programme. The amazing benefits are that I can attend events, activities and sports, and almost all of them are free of charge. Last week, I attended yoga and mindfulness as part of the sports activities and a movie night with my children!


Being a member of the Residence Life also means that I get a discount on Give it a Go (GIAG) activities.  My first activity was Fun Mug Cake event where I learned how to prepare a delicious chocolate cake in a mug; I ate it up. Sorry, don´t hate me for that; you’ll have your chance!


You should all take an advantage of all the events and activities offered by Residence Life and The University of Sheffield - travel, do exercise, make friends, eat, drink, smile. It doesn’t matter if you're a student or a spouse/partner. Live and enjoy university life!

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