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The Sheffield Canadian Experience

The following is a post written by one of our Student Bloggers, Victoria.

Are you a Canadian studying in Sheffield or do you just enjoy hockey, maple syrup and poutine?

I definitely fall in both of these categories! Being both a Canadian student and enjoying all things Canada, I sought to discover what activities I could do in Sheffield that would remind me of home. So put on your toque (winter hat), grab your double-double (Canadian coffee with cream) and join me as I explore Sheffield’s hidden Canadian gems. 

I began my experience with a good Canadian breakfast at THE CABIN. Located near the Moor, this cozy waffle house offers many Canadian favorites such as real Canadian maple syrup with a hearty serving of pancakes and bacon as well as maple flavored coffee and tea (see picture above). Greeted by staff dressed in plaid, the atmosphere was warm and inviting smelling of spiced pecans and hot maple toddy. The walls were decorated in a wood cabin fashion with large pictures of Canadian landscapes. This cozy spot definitely got my Canadian stamp of approval!

For lunch, I enjoyed a generous portion of Poutine (the real stuff with gravy and cheese curds) from THE DOCTOR’S ORDERS, located near the University campus on Glossop Road. Don’t forget they call fries “chips” here in England!  


I finished my day with an (ice) hockey game! What could be more Canadian? I watched Sheffield’s Elite Hockey Team and winner of last year's British Championship, THE STEELERS, play at the Sheffield Arena. With more than 30% of the players being Canadian and an energy (almost) like a Toronto vs Ottawa game (especially if you see the Steelers play against the Scottish Fife Flyers or the Nottingham Panthers), I felt right at home! Did you know the Stanley Cup’s iconic silver bowl was made in Sheffield? Ticket prices are relatively inexpensive, ranging between £6-£18.   


Here are some other Canadian activities you can enjoy:

  • For less than £2 (with student discount), go PUBLIC ICE SKATING at the iceSheffield rink in the FlyDSA Arena. They even offer CURLING lessons! (   
  • For a taste of home, visit Sheffield’s SECOND CUP! The Canadian coffee chain is located in the Meadowhall shopping centre. Order up some of my personal favorites such as the Frozen Hot Chocolate, London Fog, Hot Spiced Apple Cider and the Caramel Corretto. You can also pair your drink with the iconic Canadian Nanaimo Bar!

All in all, though Sheffield is missing a Tim Hortons (if you’re really keen, go and visit the location in Glasgow!), arctic winters and moose, I hope these activities can give you a little taste of the Great White North.

À plus tard,


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