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The Ridge Social Space

The Ridge has been a source of quite the intrigue and confusion since everyone moved in, every so often people will pop their heads in to see what’s going on as it has changed and is being used for events.

As many of you have seen The Ridge Social Space is now open and seems to have a constant stream of people coming into play pool. This year the Ridge space will be used as a free, multi-purpose social space. The bar will not be serving drinks or food, nor will it be staffed. However, we have made everything in there free to use; be that the PlayStation 4, the pool table, the dart board and the media facilities. We are excited to offer something different with the space this year and we are eager to put on events and make The Ridge a great place to be, we like to call it “a second living room.”

Residents mentors will organise events that you might want to attend, however if there is anything you want to do just drop us an email and we can arrange it for you.

So what can the Ridge be used for?

  • Residents mentors will be in there every day from 9pm until 11pm for Drop In
  • TV screens and projectors will be turned on from 9pm until 12pm
  • Spotify or the Radio will be on from 6pm
  • There is a free to play pool table
  • There are board games that can be used
  • There are tea and coffee facilities in the evening while the residence mentors are there
  • Resident mentors can help you arrange events, and rooms in the Ridge can be booked out for events and societies. Residents Life can also purchase and provide things for the event
  • Movies can be watched on the projector in the bar, just ask the resident mentors a couple of weeks in advance. We can provide you with films from our library and from our Netflix account. It must be planned in advance to ensure we are licensed to show the movie you want
  • Any Freeview channels can be streamed, just ask the RMs to turn it to the channel you want
  • There is a PlayStation 4 that can be used at any time. There is a list of games, just ask the residents mentors if you want to play a different game. (Also if you see Matt the Residence mentor playing his Xbox one, don’t be afraid if you can join in and he needs people to play against!)
  • It can be used as an extra study space for those who do not want to work in their rooms or in the libraries

The Ridge is locked at 11pm, although if events are planned in advance rooms can be used for as long as you want.

All posters and events will be advertised in the ridge so keep an eye out

What it cannot be used for:

  • Holding pre-drinks or large parties
  • Cooking or preparing food

At the end of the night the Residence Mentors will lock up The Ridge, and we would be grateful if you throw or take away any rubbish you leave. We have already held a successful movie and Stranger Things 2 night in the Ridge, so if you want to plan anything just ask us!

If you have any questions, drop Matt the RM an email at

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