The Part-Time Jobs 101— Part 1

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If anyone asks me what's the best way is to make the most of your time at university, one of my top suggestions would be to engage in a part-time job along with other activities like joining various societies or undertaking sports etc.

My multiple jobs, in various University departments, have helped me develop into a better student and learn time-management and work-life balance skills.  These jobs have also helped me gain the much required employability skills! I strongly believe that although the job is part-time, the experiences and the skill-set that one gains, prepares you largely to do well in your future full-time employment.

Read my mini blog series on top tips for applying and getting part-time work. This blog will focus on how to get started and the next blog will give you more information on support and guidance:

Filter Out Your Interest

With part-time work, if you are not interested in the job, it is most likely that you will either under perform or not focus on building the skill-set the job had to offer, simply because you lack the required interest.

As much as you can, try and filter out or pin-down what interests you most so that you can spend some time doing something you love each week. You can earn a whole set of professional skills and also add some value to the department/sector you’re working for.

I always knew that I loved interacting with multiple students, undertaking workshops involving students and working towards university promotions etc. and this is the work I have undertaken over the past four years.  

Know Where to Look

The easiest answer is the University of Sheffield's Career Service - Career Connect.  When I first arrived, I loved that the University had it's own career site!!  It's The University of Sheffield’s very own LinkedIn platform advertising a range of part-time jobs, both on and off campus along with graduate and year in industry placements as well.

Another place to search for some part-time job opportunities is your department's  bulletin board. This may vary from department to department but to my knowledge, departments advertise part-time opportunities here. A word of caution however is that most of them might be focused in the area of the department’s respective discipline, which is great if you're looking for this type of experience but not if you want to broaden your horizons.

Finally, another great place to look for part-time work is the University Part-time Jobs and Volunteering Fairs! With access to both on and off-campus employers, these fairs are the best places to have a one on one conversation with the companies or departments that you might be interested to work for. Additionally, what I really like about these fairs is that they happen right at the start of the academic year giving you the chance to explore the part-time job market straight away.

That's all for this section! Stay tuned for the part 2!

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