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The Mayor moves me in..

Hi, my name’s Jevan and I recently moved into Endcliffe village from Brighton as a  
student of English literature.   
As a fresher, moving into halls is quite a daunting prospect. I felt fairly prepared to  
move. I had everything I thought needed, in fact I was more worried about having too  
many belongings. The day of moving in was when I was most nervous especially as we  
drove into the accommodation block. I wanted to meet my flatmates so we could get the  
awkward greeting phase over with.  
I realised that the task of moving in would be annoyingly long; carrying all my stuff up to  
the fourth floor, even with the lift. Luckily, however, I was gifted the opportunity to have  
a bit of extra help with the process. Perhaps because we happened to park in the right  
place at the right time, I was approached by a staff member and asked if It was ok if the  
mayor of sheffield helped me move in. I said sure. I was expecting a old man in a suit  
and a chain, but who I was greeted by was this cool down to earth guy, Magid Magid,  
who was genuinely interested in helping out and asking me about my course. We  
carried my boxes and suitcases up and chatted about what I was studying and how I felt  
about moving to Sheffield. I thought he was a very refreshing politician, and it made me  
optimistic about moving to Sheffield since I feel young people would be properly  
represented in council.   
It was a very strange experience and one I truly appreciated, it’s not everyday that  
someone this important helps you with a chore! Thanks a lot to Magid and I’m sure he will do  
big and positive things for Sheffield during his term.   

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