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The Best Wallet-Friendly Cafes in Sheffield

It may be the beginning of summer vacation, but it’s not over yet for many of you. Dissertations still need writing, and sometimes the IC just isn’t the vibe you’re going for. If you’re feeling like treating yourself to a little more comfort while you study, check out these cafes in town.

Hear me out: there are ways to bring Starbucks prices back down to earth. First off, they offer free refills on filter coffee, so if you can manage to go without a Frappuccino this one time, you’ll be making big savings; plus, you can stay and study as long as you want without feeling guilty for not ordering anything. Add their 20% student discount to this and you’ve got a winner.

Steam Yard
This place is such a cosy place to study, but the bill can easily mount up if you’re not careful. Grab a bargain and order the ‘Steve McQueen’, any coffee and a ring donut for £3. Sidenote: their mochas are basically hot chocolates with some caffeine in, which keep me coming back, at least.

It may not be the swankiest little cafe, but you’re there to study, not to revel in luxury. And Greggs certainly has the cheapest coffees on the high street, even compared to McDonald's. Grab a cheeky sausage roll whilst you’re there, and let the creative juices flow.

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