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The Best and Worst Sheffield Cinemas

Sheffield has a host of cinemas on offer, and with the summer blockbusters right around the corner, it’s crucial to know which venue you’re going to get the most out of. Here are the Sheffield cinemas ranked from worst to best:

6th place - Odeon Sheffield
Pros: Location - within walking distance for the majority of us.
Cons: The quality just isn’t the best. The screens are pretty small, the speakers can be a bit pitchy sometimes and leg room is kept to a minimum. Avoid unless desperate.

5th place - The Light (Moor Market)
Pros: Again, location. Leg room is generous, the seats are comfy and it’s surrounded by plenty of restaurants for a post-film dinner.
Cons: The selection of films can be limited - expect mainstream and nothing more.

4th place - Cineworld (Valley Centertainment)
Pros: It’s the sort of place ‘serious movie-goers’ would insist upon. It’s got your IMAX and your 4DX, a fantastic selection of snacks and top quality seating.
Cons: Say goodbye to a kidney, as that’s what it’s going to cost you. Plus £4 for the tram.

3rd place - Vue (Meadowhall)
Pros: Every ticket on a Monday costs £3.99. That alone gets it into the Top 3.
Cons: The seats are weirdly uncomfortable. Also, you’ll have to put up with the hoards of shoppers just to get there.

2nd place - Showroom Workstation
Pros: Even the edgiest art student with the most obscure film interests would be satisfied with the Showroom’s indie selection. They also have great discounts for students.
Cons: Each film only gets a handful of showings, so you need to be on top of their schedule.

1st place - Curzon Sheffield
Pros: Great selection of films, and the comfiest seats your butt will ever have the pleasure of sinking into. Some of the seats are like sofas for ideal lounging positions.
Cons: A little expensive, but worth every penny.

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