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Take me back to Paradise City: Lake District

I will never get tired of exploring new places especially when Sheffield offers me with so many opportunities to travel to beautiful places. Lake District is one of them.
CityLife Sheffield organized this trip and we left Sheffield at 8 am by bus from Bar One and reached Lake District by 12 pm. On the way, we stopped at a farm which had a very nice souvenir shop along with tons of food. Also, not to forget the farm animals- all of them were so adorable. Yes, one could easily make out that it was a farm given its smell.

We stopped in Keswick and started our hike from there. If you love nature and hiking, this place gives a perfect combination for them both. Initially we had to walk through farmlands and plain roads and then we got to the interesting part- the muddy roads. We were lucky because the day I went to Lake District, it wasn’t raining and was surprisingly sunny. Whilst walking, the view of Derwent Reservoir  was amazing!

Then we started climbing with our group. After a small hike, we reached at the top of the first hill and the view was so picturesque. Naturally, everyone stopped there to tale loads of picture to capture this amazing scene. While most of them stopped there, my friend and I decided to continue and go the next hill.

I think another great thing about these national parks are the dogs. The owners bring their dogs to play and enjoy in the nature and I, being a huge dog lover, forget everything and start petting them. I love Huskies and since I’m from India, we don’t see Huskies there but seeing them here just made me ecstatic.

Anyway, so my friend and I reached the top of the hill only to see that there are two other hills which are higher than the one we just reached. By this time, were kind of tired but determined to go on until the end. So, we went on top of the next hill and sat there to have lunch. I can’t think of a better place to have lunch with such a breath-taking view and with such calmness and serenity surrounding us.
While we were enjoying the view and the silence around us, a puppy decided to play with our stuff and threw my friend’s bottle down the hill. I don’t know whether the bottle had some hidden treasure in it, but my friend went all the way down there to get it and the whole thing was just hilarious.


We started walking again and this time we did finally reach the top and that feeling was something inexplicable. The whole tiresome walk seemed worth it.

There was just one small problem. By the time we came down, the whole group had left to explore other places and we took a wrong turn and continued walking that way for a good half an hour until we realised that we’re massively lost.

We asked our coordinator to send us her location and after she did, we saw we had to walk a long way back to the bus station and was worried we wouldn’t get there in time. We started running like crazy until an old Scottish couple offered us a lift and we finally made it. I almost had a small panic attack that we would miss our bus. But that was one hell of an experience too. All in all, it was a wonderful trip



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