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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Do you fancy learning how to swim or to improve your swimming ability? You can now attend Residence Life Swimming lessons for just £10 per 6 week course. The following classes are available: 

The course runs between  26th Feb- 1st April . 

Please note that some of the sessions have changed time due to availability of the swimming pool. This is the most up to date version. 

Beginners 1

 Wednesday 7:15- 8 pm, 7:45-8:30 pm

Perfect for those who have never entered a swimming pool before, or may have lost all confidence. Sessions will include basic buoyancy and floating, introduction to strokes with aids, safe entries and exits into the pool.

Beginners 2

Wednesday 6:15- 6:45 pm, 7:15-7:45  pm

This session is perfect if you have some swimming experience. Sessions will include travel using all stroked unaided, building confidence in deeper water and progression onto full strokes (arms, legs and breathing).


Wednesday 6-45- 7:15 pm, 8- 8:30 pm, 

Perfect for those who can swim 10-20 metres without stopping but may only be able to perform one stroke.

Swim for fitness

Wednesday 6:15- 7:15pm

Sessions will include stroke technique and development, drills for all strokes, dives, turns and distance swims.

All of the sessions take place at Goodwin Swimming pool. 

Please make sure that you book on the correct slot. You are booking on a 6-week course. For more information on how to book please go to

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact Dom, your Residence Sport Coordinator

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