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Surviving Winter in Sheffield: Tips from a Canadian

When I moved to Sheffield, I did not expect the weather to be THIS cold, let alone having a layer of snow stay on the ground! And with the UK possibly facing its coldest winter in 5 years, I feel it would be appropriate for me to share my "extensive" knowledge of winter living. I may not have lived in the coldest part of Canada, however, Ottawa was home to some VERY cold temperatures with some nights in January dipping below 40°F.  


After spending the last year in Sheffield, I’ve come up with a list of suggestions to keep you extra warm this winter and help you through these long cold months. 

  • Invest in a long winter coat with a hood (ones with big fake fur hoods are my favorite), some insulated winter gloves and a big scarf – these will become your best friends all winter.
  • I get very chilly in my flat, especially during the night – I suggest owning a heated mattress pad, a heated blanket and/or a microwave heat pack (great for soothing a sore neck and heating you up as you study!). You can purchase all of these on Amazon or at Tesco.  
  • Proper thermal socks are also a must!
  • My skin gets very dry during the winter, especially on my face and hands. For my face, one of my favorite and cheap tricks is to use a homemade hydrating mask before bed (made from honey, yogurt and oats!) or use a hydrating sheet mask. I also always carry a rich hand cream, lip balm and a water bottle with me to class to combat dehydrated skin.  
  • Finally, this is a tip I’m sure any Brit would know; always have a warm drink nearby. I’ve also made it a habit to always have some canned or frozen soups stocked in my kitchen in case I’ve had an extra cold day. Here is one of my favorite frozen soup recipes.   

Bonus tip – if you find that you often have cold fingers, think of investing in some hand warmers. During one of my exams last year, my hands were so cold that I couldn’t properly write my exam! These would have been VERY handy and I’ll definitely be bringing them to my exams this term.  

I know some of these tips may seem a little “common sense” but investing in some of these can really make a difference to your mood and motivation this winter!      

À plus tard,   


*Disclaimer - the information provided is from personal experiences and for informational purposes only. This information can by no means replace medical diagnoses or advice.    

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