Community Living Agreements

The Residence Life Mentors will host a Community Living Agreement at the start of your academic year, this aims to anticipate any of the considerations needed when living with others. The Community Living Agreement can be reviewed with your Residence Life Mentor throughout the year to resolve any tensions or start discussions with other residents. A template is available in ‘resources’, ask your Residence Life Mentor for more details.

Community Living Agreement: 

RCC-98811-Living_and_Learning_A4_Flyer_v4_1.pdf (388KB)

Flatmate Disputes

If you want advice about living in part of a student community or support in resolving concerns about flatmates and fellow residents then please discuss this with your Residence Life Mentor. Residence Life Mentors will also remind all residents of certain rules and expectations from time to time. Template documents can be downloaded from the resources webpage as needed.


Between 11pm and 7am it is quiet time in and around the residences. This means that you should not be responsible for any noise audible from outside the accommodation, whether that’s music, a gathering of people, or musical instrument practice. During the exam period the quiet time is 24 hours a day. If you are visited by a Residence Life Mentor asking to keep the noise down then please cooperate, usually turning the noise down and closing windows is enough. The Residence Life Mentors are not trying to get you in trouble, they are preventing a call to Security being made, if this happens then you may face more formal action.

Music Practice and Study Space

If you are a budding DJ try using headphones to avoid disturbing others. If you want to practice a musical instrument then Residence Life suggests you book a practice room in the residences, this avoids disturbing others who are trying to sleep or study. You can do this by contacting Customer Services ( ), if you would like to play a piano then they are available in the Stephenson Music Room and Activities Room, the Activities Room is left open whenever possible for you to enjoy. There are also areas around the residence which are left open during the day, these can be used to study by yourself or in groups, all you need to do is clear up after yourself and respect others.

Vacations and Holidays

The cleanliness of your shared accommodation is a joint responsibility, this includes when you are not there too! If you are leaving the accommodation for a few days or weeks then ensure that it is clean and tidy. If you have perishable food in the fridge or cupboards then make sure you clean this out. Arrange between you if you can use up food to reduce waste, or look out for local initiatives which might prevent your food being thrown away. All residents need to ensure that recycling and general waste is disposed of regularly, if you are leaving the residences for a while then please take the bins out first.


Several of the residences have a regular housekeeping day when a member of staff will visit and clean communal areas of the accommodation, this doesn’t include you study bedroom or en-suites. It is the responsibility of residents to ensure that the communal spaces are clear of debris before a housekeeping visit, this includes having an empty sink for water access. If you have a regular cleaning day then you will be told at the beginning of the year what day this is on, usually on a fortnightly basis (excluding vacation periods and bank holidays).

Residence Life recommends getting to know your cleaner as they are not only very friendly and helpful but are a great source of knowledge about life in Sheffield and the residences. If they ask you to do something differently in the accommodation it is probably to keep the residences clean and safe for everyone, please do your best. Housekeeping will also inspect all the residences twice a year, you will be notified in advance (usually by letter) and you can ask your Residence Life Mentor for advice to make sure you pass.

Evacuations Drills

Residence Life and the University work closely to ensure that the residences are as safe as possible. We ask that all residents do their bit to help too. This includes following the fire safety guidance displayed in your local noticeboard, check the ‘resources’ pages for more information. All residents must evacuate every time the alarm sounds in the residences (regular tests will be clearly marked on your local noticeboard). Your evacuation point will be a large open area near your residences, often a courtyard or car park. There will be a evacuation drill in the first few weeks so be prepared, if your building doesn’t meet the required safe evacuation time then the drills will be repeated. Anyone who fails to cooperate with fire safety procedures will face disciplinary actions; see the ‘disciplinary procedure’ pages for more information.

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