Student IT Support - CiCS

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Corporate Information and Computing Services (CiCS) offer support to students for all CiCS and wider University IT services, and to help fix issues with their personal IT devices. 

Service Benefits and Features

The service is where students can come for face to face support from CiCS staff.
We provide help with all CiCS and University IT services, including but not limited to printing, managed desktop, use of student computers and account issues.
We also provide first-line support for issues with students’ personal devices.  We will help and resolve issues with software, including downloading and installation of software and malware/virus infections.  We will also diagnose and advise on hardware issues.
We will attempt to resolve straightforward issues at the time, with more complex and time-consuming issues being referred to the CiCS Workshop.
We are able to signpost students to other support services within the University, and liaise with them on the student’s behalf where appropriate.

For more information about CiCS visit the webpage:

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