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Stay Safe - Top Tips for using Taxis in Sheffield

By AccommodationTeam 23 Aug 2017

Hackney Carriage:                            

  • Hail the vehicle or get in on a designated rank
  • Tell the driver where you are going – (give as much information as you can)
  • You should have enough money to pay for the full fare
  • Under no circumstances hand over your mobile phone or any other personal belongings to the driver in lieu of payment or deposit
  • Do not agree a fare in advance
  • Ensure that the taxi meter is on (by law drivers have to activate the meter at the beginning of a journey) the charge cannot be more than what is displayed on the meter at the destination
  • Doors lock in Hackney Carriage Vehicles automatically when the vehicle is in motion. Once the vehicle stops and you have paid the fare the doors should be unlocked 

Private Hire Vehicle                                                                                      

  • Call or book through an app (a private hire cannot be hailed on the street – if you get into a vehicle that is not pre booked you are putting yourself in danger as an un-booked job can invalidate the insurance)and the driver is more likely than not going to overcharge you for that journey
  • Ask the call handler for an estimated price
  • Check that you are getting into the right vehicle (confirmation of booking text message should say the make and registration of the vehicle). Keep this message.

All vehicles:

  • All Sheffield City Council Licensed vehicles/drivers should have their driver ID displayed clearly inside the vehicle (this is needed to identify the driver if you wish to make a complaint and for peace of mind that this driver is licenced by Sheffield City Council)
  • A driver can ask for a deposit but this cannot be more than the final fare
  • Be aware that if you soil a private hire or hackney carriage you could be charged a significant amount


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