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Hello all 😊

I hope everyone is doing great and staying safe. During lockdown, Netflix has seen the highest increase in subscriptions and I am one of their growing number of subscribers! Today I want to share with you two of my favourite series that you might want to watch and forget about reality for a while.

Let’s start!


Link to Netflix page:

Genre: International TV Shows, TV Dramas, TV Mysteries

Production year, country: 2019, Turkey

The main character is Atiye (Beren Saat), a painter from Istanbul. Most of her paintings contain the same symbol, a symbol that she saw as a child in her dreams. Then one day she sees this symbol on the news and according to an archaeology professor, Erhan (Mehmet Gunsur), it is an ancient symbol of Gobeklitepe.  The series revolves around both Erhan and Atiye trying to solve the mystery of this symbol.

If you like mystery, history and adventure you will love this series.  A major landmark is Gobeklitepe and it is the oldest human made structure, it predates Stonehenge by 6000 years! According to scientist it might be the first temple of the world!  You will also see some amazing parts of Turkey which may inspire you to travel there once travel restrictions are lifted.

A slight negative is that some episodes feel unnecessary long but ultimately you will enjoy Atiye discovering her past and how it relates to the symbol. I am exited about a second season!

If you want to laugh, relax and forget about reality you can watch my second recommendation which is…

The Good Place

Link to Netflix page:

Genre: American fantasy comedy TV series.

Production year, country: 2016, USA

Last season: 2020

I know this series has now ended, which is sad, however, if you’ve never seen it then you’ll have four seasons to enjoy!

The series begins with Elanor (Kristen Bell), waking up in heaven where she learns that heaven has neighbourhoods and each one has an architect. Each place is specially designed for the residents, for example, if your favourite meal is pie and your favourite desert is frozen yoghurt then you will find a frozen yoghurt that tastes of PIE in your fridge! Will it taste nice?  I don’t know but that’s the craziness of the place!!

However, she soon realised that they have made a big mistake, they accidently mixed up two different Elanors and our main character was put in heaven instead of going to hell.  The series revolves around her adventures in this mystical place!!

 Personally, this is one of my favourite tv shows, it runs smoothly and you do not have to overthink the episodes. It is simple comedy.

Why not try one or both of these series to help relieve the boredom of lockdown

That is all for now from me. Thank you for reading.

Maybe I will write about two movies that I enjoy in my next blog.

Until that time, stay safe 😊


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