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Smart Move Housing Fair

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Your student may have only just moved in, but landlords often pressure students to make choices early about their accommodation for second year. It is important to know that there is more good quality student accommodation than there are students in Sheffield, so your son or daughter shouldn't rush to make a decision.

However, if they are concerned or would like to get a head start and see what is out there, then in late October and November our Smart Move campaign will begin. 

We will host a Smart Move Housing Fair in the Students' Union Building where students can come and meet landlords and find out what options there are in the private rented sector. They can also talk to the Smart Move Sheffield team, who will help students find good quality accommodation in the private sector, that has been registered with the University. For more information about Smart Move Sheffield visit:

Returning to University accommodation

It is also important that your son or daughter knows they have the option to return to University accommodation again in any year of their degree. Unlike in first year, when they return students can choose exactly where they would like to live, who they want to live with and ask for a show round of the specific location they want to return to. There are University owned houses as well as apartments, so students can live with their group of friends in the style of accommodation they prefer. You can rest assured knowing that if they prefer, students can stay exactly where they are or choose another University accommodation property to live in next year, with all bills included and Residence Life activities and support right on their doorstep.

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