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Three weeks into the semester and the pressure’s started to build already! While we are all caught up with our lectures, study sessions, deadlines, working part-time, having a social life, I want to bring your attention to an important thing that gets overlooked - our health and fitness. This blog will help you achieve a healthier you this academic year!

  • Get going to the Gym—Sport Sheffield, the Fitness Suite and the Allen Court Gym!

A great way to get started on the fitness journey would be to join a gym! And the university has two main gym facilities. The first one is at the Goodwin Centre with over 170 pieces of workout and fitness equipment. As a student you can have the benefits of discounted gym membership with their early bird, peak and off-peak offers. The university also has a fitness suite in Ranmoor. It's free to all students living in university accommodation across Endcliffe, Ranmoor and City.  However, to use this facility, you must fill out a health questionnaire.  Furthermore, Allen Court residents with have use of a gym for free starting 1 November as well!

  • Fitness Classes, Residence Life and Social Sport

The Goodwin Sport Centre and Residence Life  offers a range of fitness classes such as cardio, high intensity interval training, Pilates, spin classes, yoga, Women’s Boxing, Self-defence…… to name a few. The majority of these classes are guided by a fitness instructor. You can book your place in advance at Sport Sheffield.  

These Social Sports sessions aren’t a long-term commitment and are designed to welcome and encourage students of all levels to take part. These sessions are available at a very low cost which are no more than £1 per session, and some sessions are free of charge. Additionally, if you're part of Res Life you can get discounted tickets for Give It A Go. The timetable for these sessions are in you Res Life Programme! And if you don’t have time to attend any of the sessions during the week, don’t worry,  there are sessions on Saturday and Sunday as well.

  • Book and Play

The university has a number of sports fields and courts for sports like badminton, squash, football, bouldering and more. You can book these facilities from £1 – £10 depending on the facility or the number of hours you wish to play book for. You can even organise fun and friendly matches with your friends!

And that’s a wrap! I hope you find some inspiration to put those running shoes on and get fitter this academic year. Hopefully you have some useful information on where to get started and how to make the most out of getting fit whilst at University.

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