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Self-Care at University

*** The following blog was written by our Residence Life Mentor Rosie ***

It’s that time of year when semester two stress has started to sink in and taking care of yourself should always be a priority but as we’re heading in to more deadlines it’s so so important. Here are some general tips about self-care. As self-care isn’t a facemask, painting your nails or going out for drinks. Sure, they can make you feel better in the short-term but long-term mental health is something to focus on.

1-    It’s ok to cancel plans

When your timetable gets too hectic, and you know truly in yourself that you shouldn’t really be going out for the second time in a week, just cancel. Often taking the pressure off, even if only for one night will be a huge relief and can allow you to de-stress and unwind. Your friends will understand and you can rearrange for when you’re feeling up to it.

2-    Tidy room, tidy mind

There is some truth in this saying, often your room can become messier if you’re not in a good state of mind. If you’re working in your room, having a clean desk means you can find things easier and avoid extra stresses of losing things in your room. Once your room is clean you’ll feel so accomplished, plus it smells nice. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation also found that a cleaner bedroom lead to better sleep.

3-    Catch some Zzz’s

Talking of sleep, younger adults aged 18-25, again according to the National Sleep Foundation, require 7-9 hours sleep per night. Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health so getting to bed earlier and getting in to a bedtime routine will do you wonders in the long run.

4-    Spend some time outdoors

As Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in the UK- make the most of it! With the Peaks, Botanical Gardens and so many parks on our doorsteps spending some time in nature can be a great place to relax. Enjoy the sunshine when it’s out and lay on the grass and watch the clouds go by for a while, take some of your university reading to the park and work on it there.

5-    Prepare for tomorrow

We’ve all done it, that last minute rush to uni. You’ve pulled together an outfit (of sorts) and grabbed a cereal bar and made your way in for an 8 hour day. Next thing you know, you’re struggling to concentrate and you’re hungry. Try to avoid this by picking out your clothes for the next day, pack your bag and make some lunch. Spending all of 15 minutes the night before, you know you have everything you need and you don’t have to stress about getting it all done in the morning. Even if you do sleep a bit later, you’re sorted.

Now I’m not saying these tips will massively help your mental health, but forming productive, good habits can make a small difference.

If you are struggling with your mental health you can visit your local GP, or SAMHS. You can call SAMHS on 0114 222 4134 where you can find appropriate support.

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