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Residence Mentor role 2018/19 - apply in November!

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Become a Residence Mentor for the academic year 2018-19 and get valuable work experience.

Do you want to boost your CV? Are you thinking about where to live next year? The role of Residence Mentor might just be for you! Here is some key information about the role:

Main responsibilities:

  • Supporting students living in University accommodation (Ranmoor/Endcliffe or City). This includes providing welfare support and also dealing with low-level conduct issues (such as noise and flatmate disagreements). The Residence Mentor role includes a whole lot of signposting to appropriate support services!
  • Another really important part of the Residence Mentor role is being involved in the Engagement and Development side of Residence Life. Residence Mentors are expected to help out at Residence Life events, as well as plan their own events for their mentees. Residence Mentors are also expected to help facilitate a range of campaigns that the University and Residence Life run. This includes the Community Living Campaign in the residences, where Residence Mentors will organise and complete Flatmate Agreements with students, and Consent Conversations.

Working hours explained:

Before term starts...

  • Successful candidates are expected to attend the RM induction fortnight and Arrivals Weekend. These take place during the 2 week period before the semester begins in September. The RM Induction will allow all Residence Mentors to get to know other members of their team, the people who they will be living with, their line manager and other Residence Life staff. There will be induction sessions covering a range of topics and Residence Mentors will be prepared to begin the role from Arrivals weekend.

During University term-time (15 hours per week)...

  • Residence Mentors work two evening shifts per week, which are scheduled from 6pm until 12 midnight (12 hours a week). Shifts are planned in advance on a rota organised by the line manager and shifts will occur on weekdays, weekends and bank holidays during working weeks of appointment. The 6 hour shift will include a briefing, visits to flats and individual students, a drop-in hour, time to accurately log all activity, scheduled tours around the accommodation site and a sign-off procedure.
  • The other remaining 3 hours per week are allotted for Progress Reviews with your line manager, time to attend, plan and run ‘Community Building’ activities and for a team meeting each week. Community building is such an important part of the Residence Mentor Role. Residence Mentors are expected to facilitate Residence Life activities and also to plan and organise additional smaller-scale activities for their own mentees. The role requirements dictate that each Residence Mentor is to take part in a defined amount of community building throughout the year. This is tracked using a points-based system and completing the expected amount of successful community building activities can get you HEAR accreditation (dependent on eligibility).

Application and interview process:

After the applications have been received, they will be read through and appropriate candidates will be invited to interviews. The interview process consists of two stages: a group interview and an individual interview.


  • Job application: Refer to the Person Specification whilst writing your application, and ensure that you refer to all of the required skills, giving examples of where you have demonstrated these and highlighting relevant experience.
  • Group interview: During this, Residence Life are looking for candidates who can demonstrate a variety of skills, including the confidence to deal with difficult situations and the ability to show empathy, teamwork and excellent listening skills. They will also be on the lookout for candidates who encourage a community spirit around the residences and demonstrate event planning skills.
  • Individual interview: At this final stage, Residence Life are looking for candidates who can show a passion for the position and a suitability for the role. They will be interested to hear examples regarding your conflict management skills, flexibility, and a willingness to embrace change. Residence Life will also be looking for professionalism, positivity, problem-solving skills and evidence of good time management and organisation.

Keep an eye out for more information in the newsletter or from your Residence Mentors about Information Sessions that will be running in the lead up to the applications opening, so that you can find out more about the application process. Applications will open in November.

Need more information?

We interviewed four current Residence Mentors to find out What's so great about being a Residence Mentor? Check out what they said they love about the role.

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