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Residence Life Mentors Explained!

As part of Residence Life, Residence Life Mentors support students within University-owned accommodation and are a crucial part of the Residence Life team.  

Their role involves visiting students (you!) within their designated area and chatting with you about your course, your accommodation, and how you're getting on. They are there to listen to you and if you have a problem, they'll signpost you to the relevant support.

Mentors also promote and facilitate activities and events within the residence to help encourage student engagement and promote a sense of belonging.

Residence Life Mentors are employed from 3rd September to 14th June during term time and they work from 6.30pm to midnight.  During their shifts, they carry out visits and hold drop-in sessions; these are an ideal means of communication should you find yourself struggling, not getting on with your flatmates, feeling homesick, or just in need of seeing a friendly face.

Mentors also support the Community Living Campaign that introduces you to communal living and aims to prevent potential problems regarding cleanliness, noise and house-guests.  They are responsible for conducting Flatmate Agreements, which are an essential component to Community Living. They will mediate when necessary and communicate information on safety, welfare and education campaigns.

Each Residence Life Mentor provides support to approximately 120 students, which means they will usually see you once every two weeks. As previously mentioned, drop-ins are held every day, so if you're struggling you can go and speak to a mentor immediately.

Arrivals Weekend
Residence Life Mentors will be there to meet you at some point during Intro.  They will help with any general inquiries and provide support if you're struggling.  They will also conduct Orientation Tours that will be organised to help you find your way to and from Campus and also learn a little bit about Sheffield.

All Residence Life Mentors are University of Sheffield students, so they remember how it felt arriving at university for the first time, and their job is to make the transition from home to university-life as worry-free and enjoyable as possible.

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