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Recycling, ReFood & Waste Management 101

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Rubbish. Not a particularly exciting topic - but an extremely important one. Whether or not you've lived away from home before you moved to the Residences, chances are you lived in a different city, with a different waste management system. To ensure you are recycling, reusing and deposing of waste accurately, we've put together this short introductory guide to make sure you think, before you throw.

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Depending on where you live, you may have seen the poster above dotted around the residences and stuck on the bins in your kitchen. We have three waste streams: general waste, recycling waste and a compost caddy. Putting the wrong waste in the wrong place can have a big impact on the environment and we want to make sure the Residences are as environmentally efficient as possible.

What can I put in general waste?

  • Dry, compactable non food
  • Pizza boxes/other cardboard that is contaminated with food 
  • Hard plastics
  • Polystyrene (takeaway containers, etc)
  • Floor sweepings & contents of hoover bags

What can I put in recycling waste?

  • Glass
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Plastics
  • Paper & cardboard

What can I put in my ReFood compast caddy (Ranmoor/Endcliffe only)?

  • Kitchen & food waste
  • Non packaged/packaged drink waste
  • Non-packaged/packaged food waste
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Tea bags
  • Bread & bakery products

Why do I have a compost caddy?

No doubt you're familiar with general waste and recycling, but composting is a little different. In your kitchen, you'll find a small green food waste bin for your food waste as part of our ReFood project -  through this, we recycle food waste and send it for anaerobic digestion, to be reused as renewable bio gas and fertiliser. You can empty your caddy at your nearest ReFood bin site - if you have any questions, you can email

If helping to save the planet isn't enough of an incentive, by using your ReFood caddy you could win a food hamper for your flat, including cheese, jams, cakes, teas and waffles (along with other local delicacies)  kindly donated by Urban Pantry & ReFood.

To enter the competition, simply email your picture over to, share your picture on the Facebook block groups and tag Andrew Woffindin, or tweet @ReFoodUK with a picture of you using your ReFood caddy with the hashtag #wastetogooduse by 12 noon on Friday 28 October 2016. 

I don't have a Refood caddy. How do I sign up?

If you are living in a new build apartment at Ranmoor/Endcliffe, then it's more than likely that you already have a ReFood caddy in your kitchen. If you are living elsewhere in University accommodation, you may not be enrolled in the scheme automatically - but you can still join! Please email Andy at

What do I do with my caddy once it's full?

We have a number of Refood bins located around the residences. Just take a look at the map to find your nearest one. There'll be a ReFood poster at each bin location. 


Remember: if you put it in a general waste (grey lid) or mixed recycling (aqua lid) bin, it won't be recycled by ReFood. Make sure to check your bin!

 Any top tips for using my ReFood caddy?


  • Include food waste (eg meat, beans, yoghurt, chips, pizza & pasta)
  • Include food waste in packaging
  • Include fruit and vegetables, including scraps
  • Clean me each time you empty me
  • Check the list above before putting something in me
  • Tell your friends about me
  • Leave me in your kitchen, clean and usable, when you vacate the residences.


  • Include empty food packaging
  • Include drinks
  • Include glass
  • Include cleaning products
  • Let me overflow - I'll smell
  • Put liquids in me - I may leak

What if I want to throw away larger items?

You are not allowed to dispose of household goods, i.e. televisions sets, bikes, fridges, computers, etc. by putting them by the bins.  Fly-tipping is illegal, very bad for the environment and often a health hazard.

If you wish to get rid of large, household items, you'll need to contact Sheffield City Council directly or utilise our 'Donate, Don't Waste' scheme. 'Donate, Don't Waste' is run in partnership with the British Heart Foundation and encourages students to donate  items they no longer need, enabling the charity to recycle goods that might otherwise be wasted. There are donation points located across the Residences - look out for the big red bins!

 Want to know more about ReFood and recycling? Check out our webpage:

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