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Postgraduate Event: Barista Workshop

Did you know that, every month during semester time, Residence Life do an event especially for postgraduate students? They often revolve around food or drink, and this month was no different: a workshop all about how to make coffee like a barista. I was lucky enough to receive one of the tickets available, so I headed over to Inox Dine one sunny evening to find out what it was all about.
We were greeted in the restaurant by our expert barista, the lovely James. He was really good at putting us at ease and making us feel welcome. As I had never met anyone in the class before and by the end, we got on really well as a group. In fact, it turned out that another member of the group lives in the same accommodation block as me, which was a cool coincidence. That’s what I really like about attending the Residence Life Events – you get to connect with people who otherwise you might never meet.
Now for the important details: all about the coffee we made! Our first drink of the night was an Americano. This is the easiest one we made, so it was a great one to start with. It’s purely comprised of hot water and a double shot of espresso. Being able to make my own individual cup was a nice touch, because I could make it to my own preferences (aka – slightly weaker than a purist would make it!).
Next up was a Flat White. This is personally my favourite way to drink coffee, so I was excited to make it. I found frothing the milk to a perfect velvety consistency was much harder than you’d think! Trying to make some latte art on top was also much more difficult than I’d expected, as you can tell from this picture of my attempt:


Our next drink was a latte. Even though I'd now had some practice, my second attempt at latte art did not go any better than my first! Fortunately, our last drink was a cappuccino, which just required a sprinkle of chocolate on top - much more comfortable territory for me. I couldn’t quite manage to drink all this lovely coffee that we’d made, though. I made it through the first three, but sadly the cappuccino proved just a step too far. I'm really glad though that we got to make a wide variety of drinks, because I feel like I got to practice my techniques much more thoroughly.
Overall, whether or not you are a postgraduate, I would definitely recommend getting involved with a Residence Life event. I got to learn some new skills, meet some interesting people, and drink some yummy coffee: three of my favourite things!

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